Viktoria – CEO & Founder

“Communication means power.”

Power to influence people and to shape opinions – but also to change them. A responsible approach is important. Do not leave your company’s communication to chance, as damage to your image is irreparable.
“The secret of our success? Be different from the others.”
You can prevent all of this by hiring my team and me. What you can expect from VR Public Relations is a fully dedicated team focusing on your needs and interest. You will have our undivided attention with one point of contact, no office hours from 9-5 and no annoying e-mails. All communication is easygoing, accommodating and adapts to your everyday life. I advise every customer individually because trust and transparency are what defines working with my team and me.

Kirsten – PR Manager

“What I love so much about my job? The opportunity to influence peoples positively. “

PR, Social Media and marketing are changing every second, not only since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. Subsequently, all communication companies need a strong and reliable agency partnership that finds the right words at all times.  Anything spoken or written in the media is hard to take back. This is exactly what my job has been about for over 20 years. Together with my colleagues, I work to ensure that your company is heard in the best light possible and under your USP through correct communication in the media. Through our longtime experience in the industry, we know exactly what the media wants and we will find the right hook for every product/company, including yours!

Justus – Graphic Designer

“Your corporate identity is the face of your company.”

Just like my colleagues, I love getting the most out of a product or company. This not only includes the right communication and presentation to the right target group, but also a corporate identity.

I like to illustrate this concept by comparing it to a person. A person cannot be confused with another person because of his or her appearance, voice and, last but not least, his or her face. You and me only exist once in this world. But that only applies to us humans, not to a company, not even to your company. Nowadays we have an oversupply of services and products and all of them are theoretically exchangeable at any time. You must always be aware of this fact. If you want to be properly perceived as an entrepreneur, you have to give your company a face and give your company a personality by implementing a corporate identity.

Tom – Social Ads Manager

“You are a Social Ads Manager, but what are you actually doing?”

Many companies are nowadays familiar with classic forms of online advertising such as Google Ads or banner advertising. The topic of search engine optimization is no longer new territory for most companies. But the majority of them are inexperienced with social ads – after all, this form of advertising is still quite new. I have been working in this very young form of advertising for more than 10 years now. During this time I have successfully invested more than 10 million euros in social ads for companies around the world.

Social ads are a highly effective marketing tool. By working with social ads, companies from all industries and areas can significantly increase their reach in social networks and on the internet in order to increase the awareness of the brand/company which leads to a direct communication with potential customers. Thanks to a large variety of social networks, companies have many variants of social ads available. This diversity is a great advantage for advertisers: Depending on the corporate sector or target group, some platforms are better suited for certain scenarios than others. LinkedIn and Xing, for example, are particularly suitable for business-to-business targeting, while Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms for business-to-customer companies to advertise.

All in all, there is no way to present your company and products to the public more effectively than on social media. No other tool permits a more efficient way to advertise, thanks to precise targeting.