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Social Media

In times of social distancing, the social media channels receive additional added value. They provide us social closeness and are an important place for inspiration, information gathering and mutual exchange. It has been proven that people spend significantly more time online in midst of a crisis, like the Covid Pandemic, than in their regular everyday life beforehand. The closed businesses and our locked door policies, the displays of smartphones, tablets and laptops are the gates to the world and to relationships today. At the same time it is the virtual place where business can take place without restrictions and without risk.

It has never been as important as today to concentrate on your social media strategy, because nowhere else can your target group be reached so precisely. Don’t wait until tomorrow, take action now. Use the potential of social media and promote your company. My team and I are always at your side as partners with our specialist knowledge and many years of experience. We will help you choose the right channels, develop and implement the right strategies for your business.

Social Media Services: 

Creating a corporate design for the respective network

Composing and supporting editorial plans and target group-specific content, as well as independent implementation of editorial content

Developing, implementing and managing target group-specific campaigns

Community management and outreach

Placement of social ads

Regular meetings for collaboration, progress and feedback

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